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Why join CHERPA? Here’s how you can benefit:

> Customer Trust

As Australia’s peak body for household rental companies, CHERPA is determined to help rid the industry of rogues and unscrupulous operators. Our strict accreditation standards on education, experience and ethics let consumers rent with confidence from CHERPA members.

> Opportunity

In the near future, CHERPA will run public relations campaigns to encourage renters to always deal with a CHERPA member. We anticipate consumers will soon be asking if you are a CHERPA member.

> Visibility

CHERPA will develop additional marketing campaigns to specifically promote its members. Visitors to our site will be able to search our index of CHERPA members. We will also provide guidance for new rental clients via our website and Facebook, advising them to do business only with reputable operators such as our members.

> Industry Information

We keep a very close eye on the industry. CHERPA will always keep members informed about emerging issues and developments that may impact their operations, and will provide instruction to members to help ensure they comply with the letter and spirit of relevant laws and regulations.

> Influence

We plan for CHERPA to be recognised as an authority in the household goods rental industry. We will connect with government, regulators, media, and consumer groups, and work to positively influence policy development at all levels. As a CHERPA member, your voice will be actively sought when it comes to developing these policies and presenting our position.

> Professional Development

CHERPA membership will grant you access to professional development programs and industry events arranged by CHERPA. Membership will also broaden your contacts and business networks, and increase your professional recognition amongst your industry peers.

> Association Governance

Members will be eligible to stand for election to CHERPA’s board and participate in the governance of the association.

> Financial Benefits

The CHERPA Member Benefits Program will offer discounts on a wide variety of lifestyle and business services and products, including but not limited to:

  • Legal and Compliance Services
  • Insurance
  • Travel & Accommodation

Thinking of Joining CHERPA?

Before you apply to join CHERPA, you need to determine what class of Membership you wish to apply for.

Classes of Membership

A) Corporate Member

A corporate member is any person ( business, company or other legal entity) who conducts a consumer household equipment rental business and is either the holder of an ACL with respect to its consumer household equipment rental business, or is exempt under the Law from holding a license.

B) Associate Member

An associate member is any person (business, company or other legal entity) who conducts its consumer household equipment rental business under the authority of a third party who either holds an ACL with respect to the consumer household equipment rental business, or is exempt under the Law from holding a license.

C) Observer Member

An observer member is any person or legal entity that supports or has an interest in supporting the Association but does not conduct a consumer household equipment rental business.

Ready to Join?

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