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Rent 2 Own Anything

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Rent 2 Own Anything is a Melbourne based rental business that has been operating since 2014 . Our main service areas have been Victoria with Metropolitan Melbourne being our main target area, we pride ourselves on providing a professional approach to the service we deliver our customers.

2016 was an exciting year for R2O Anything as we engaged in some new management and now plan to be able to service our customers Australia wide by mid-2017.

Compliance and being kept up to date on all changes within the consumer leasing industry is a priority which bought us to become a member of CHERPA in 2016.

We offer a wide range of home furniture and appliances, phones, computers, fitness equipment, gaming and much much more. We only use the top brands you know and trust.

At Rent 2 Own Anything we take responsible lending seriously. We won’t sign you up to a contract you can’t afford and you’re never locked in. You always have the option to return the goods or pay them out, We are experienced in dealing with customers who have had prior credit problems, are on low incomes or receiving Government benefits. We will take the time to assess each and every application, we find a way to say yes when the bigger providers say no or 1800 RENT 2 OWN (1800 736 826)


Having tried other rental companies I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of obtaining a new fridge through rent 2 own anything. Made a call one day, fridge delivered the next. A perfect first experience and will be back!!!!”

– John

Thank you to the friendly staff at Rent 2 Own Anything your compassion and understanding of my situation was great . Getting a dryer for under $6 per week WOO HOO”

– Single Mum