President’s Message

August 12, 2022
By Steve King, President of CHERPA

Thank you to all those who attended our recent AGM and seminar.  Now in our Tenth year this was deemed by those who attended as the most congenial gathering we have had together even allowing for the attendance of Rent4Keeps and Mr Rentals as guests who fitted in extremely well.

Our key point of discussion was around the industry based Code of Practice of which Rent4Keeps have been a strong support in bringing together others outside CHERPA to come under one Code and show the Government of the Day that as an industry we can self-Govern thus removing the need for Legislation.

We are taking this Code to meet with the Stephen Jones, the Assistant Treasurer and Federal Finance Minister who, through our Lobbyist, have requested to meet with us in August. We believe that this is our last throw of the dice to get the best deal for the industry that we can negotiate. We have committed to our Lobbyist that we will run with them for six months to start with which with on costs and GST is approximately $12,000.00 a month and any travel costs that Tim and I incur, the rest is free, ( our time and good looks that is). Rent4Keeps have committed funding to support the cause and so again on a prorate basis we will be asking you all to financially support us in this effort. ( If you were all using TaleFin as your Credit provider we would be receiving funds from them which would lessen the burden). We can’t do it all ourselves, we will do the heavy lifting with our time but we need your help to pay for it.

At the seminar we had several excellent presentations even though due to COVID and other circumstances we were down a couple of presenters. Brenda Stagg from AFCA was exceptionally good and asked if she could come back next year and to keep in touch and in her presentation suggested that she really liked the principle of self-Governance by an Industry based Code of Practice and AFCA would support that.

Thanks to all those who travelled to be there with us especially Sam from that other country called Western Australia.

Special thanks to Tim who basically put his life on hold to organise the day and of course to Jeannine who jumped off a plane from Scotland and straight into organising the day.

Thank you to those Board members who have committed to another term and maybe they should be committed for doing so.


Steve King

President of CHERPA

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